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Property Videos in Ipswich, Suffolk… And More!

House Selling Ipswich, Suffolk & Beyond… Made Easier


Such has been the demand for Property Videos lately, we have given the operation its own area!


Property Videos

Introducing Video My House – Property Videos

Utilising imagery to assist in the marketing of property is certainly not new. Mostly this consists of several photos, usually taken by an estate agent, giving the potential buyer a small glimpse of their next home.

This I have always found very odd. When we decide to sell a house we are asking people to part with hundreds of thousands of pounds. We are asking them to make one of the biggest purchases they will ever make. Surely this calls for more than a few ill-shot photos?

Those with foresight have realised… Yes, it does. Much more.

There was a time when one would pop into the estate agents, point at some houses, grab a few sheets of ‘bumf’ and decipher the spiel. Then it was the arduous task of visiting the property. This would involve appointments, time off work, wasted lunch hours and mile upon mile of driving only to discover that the aforementioned bumf was somewhat economical with the truth.

Then came the internet.

Potential buyers can now roam the virtual streets to their heart’s content, browsing thousands of properties,Property Videos seeking out that dream home. And that gives Mr & Mrs ‘Mobile Phone Photo Of The Garden’ a bit of a problem. We want to look around from the comfort of our laptops – and I mean really look around. We are much more comfortable this way. We can wander about, make comments, question the decor,  all without the company and the inevitable frown of the property owner. But we haven’t got all day. If we are going to even consider investing ten minutes on one single property, it had better be worth it. It has to grab us right from the off.

Video My House steps up to become your one stop shop for property sale imagery. 

  • Videos
  • Panoramas
  • Traditional Photos
  • Elevated Photos
  • Floor Plans

Let us start with video. Our professionally produced, high-definition property videos are around 3 minutes long. At 25 frames per second that’s around 4,500 photos! You will want to show the property off in its best light and that means capturing features, size and the atmosphere of the home. They say the camera never lies. That in itself is a lie, it does. You will know if you have ever taken a photo of a, for instance, newly decorated room – you can’t get it all in! This is why we employ specialist equipment and skills to give the property its due space and ‘air’. Suitable music is added and options such as voice overs and captions can be deployed to really lift a property off the bumf page.

The video on the left is a demo property, the one on the right is a rental property. After submitting the video the property was let within 6 days!

Panoramas or 3D tours are a relatively new concept and are in much demand. They put the viewer in the room and allow them to look around to their heart’s content using their mouse. Such is the realism of the process a sense that one is actually in the room is greatly appreciated by the viewer. They are created with a crafted camera technique and specialist software.

Here is an example of our panoramas using our demo property…


Elevated Photography is another latter day concept that is especially favoured by estate agents. There is something incredibly alluring about a bird’s eye image of a property and they offer the viewer a unique view of their potential home. They are achieved using a specialist mobile mast of around 15 metres, around 50 feet, in height. The camera direction and functions are controlled remotely as it beams its images to the operator below. This level of control allows us to create stunning shots that set the property off.

Property Videos in Ipswich Suffolk

The old favourite, Photos,  returns us nicely to the more traditional method of property marketing. Again though, various skills and equipment are required to produce images that show the property off in the best possible way. Lenses, lighting, post-production etc all play a part in reflecting the professional way you are marketing a property.

remember, the quality of presentation when marketing a property reflects on the property – AND the seller. In an ever discerning market you’ll want to show that you are professional, trustworthy vendors – and that starts with your marketing quality.

Pop across to our sister website at Video My House and discover for yourself how cost-effective professional property marketing can be.


Property Videos in Ipswich Suffolk

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