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Wales – A Photographers Heaven

Go West – Life is peaceful there…

That’s how the Village People refer to the West but I doubt they had Wales in mind.

Either way they were right. Wales is very peaceful – and beautiful.Imajim Photography - Wales

As an East Anglian it is a struggle to find anywhere that matches what I live in everyday and take for granted. In Wales you have that match, plus you have mountains. It is surprising how much you stare at hills when you are not used them.

Locations for these shots included Brecon, Powys, Abergavenny, Rest Bay (Porthcawl) and Ogmore By Sea. The one big thing we do not have along our coast is a setting sun over the sea. Yes we have dawn, but not dusk.

So I made hay with the Golden Hour…







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Rattlesden Duck Race 2013

Morris Dancing, village cricket, bring & buy –  

Nothing says English village life like a duck race.


Pride of the duck racing calendar in Suffolk is the annual Rattlesden duck race. From Wiki;

Rattlesden is located around four miles west of Stowmarket. Its large and ancient church, St. Nicholas, dates from the 13th century and incorporates many additions and changes from over the centuries. In 1975, the historic core of the village was named a “Conservation Area” by the District Council under the guidelines of English Heritage.

The village and the surrounding area, like much of East Anglia, was a hotbed of Puritan sentiment during much of the 16th and 17th centuries. In 1634, a local wheelwright, Richard Kimball led a relatively large company from Rattlesden to the Massachusetts Bay Colony as part of the wave of migration that occurred during the Great Migration.

During World War II, Rattlesden was the site of a U.S. Army Air Force heavy bomber base known as RAF Rattlesden. The site is now used by the Rattlesden Gliding Club.

In 2005 the population of Rattlesden was 900.The parish also contains the hamlets of Poystreet Green and Hightown Green.

The Duck Race is part of the village fete – a yearly fundraiser for the village primary school. It is very refreshing to see buoyant rural life like this – The village folk coming together in difficult times to support their facilities and show that  a wonderful way of life is still to be had in the English countryside.

As for the winner – who knows. The prize, who cares. Fun was had, money was raised – and spare a thought for the Duck Patrol Race Engineer. I bet the F1 boys are never knee deep in ditch water…


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Maternity & Baby Photography in Ipswich, Suffolk

Baby Photography – Ipswich, Suffolk – There is simply nothing like a new life


Very few events in life can be described as truly life changing. A new baby however, is certainly one of them.

As a father of four I am often asked how having children changed me. I actually struggle to answer this. I don’t really know how it changed me – I only know that it did.  What I do know is that no-one is prepared. Yes you can have all the latest mod-cons, the warmers, the expressors, the alarms and bells and whistles – but your head is never truly prepared. The great thing is, you are not alone – and you adjust amazingly quickly.

What you are never prepared for is how fast time goes. I mean seriously, it flies. That’s why baby photos and baby photography are so important. As a young father I broke the bank to buy a camcorder. This was back in the day when they were stupid amounts of money for very little quality. I also had – and still have – an old Canon AE1 35mm which depended on a visit to the chemist before you could see the shots – several weeks after you took them. Imagine that. Now though, I can look back with a joy and pride that only mums & dads feel to a time when they hadn’t grown up.

And that time will pass you by in a flash.

Being a father does not make you a better photographer. What it does do however is provide you with the same sense of how important a picture as the proud parents –  How important it is to capture the expressions, the smiles, the subtle nuances of a new baby.

And it starts way before labour!

Maternity & Baby Photography in Ipswich Suffolk

With my daughter in law I wanted to create a time-line of the pregnancy – to capture the physical changes little Charlie would create. This would involve a series of identical photos over a series of months. The resulting image captures the miracle of new life…

Maternity & Baby Photography in Ipswich Suffolk
And let’s not forget Dad…

Maternity & Baby Photography in Ipswich Suffolk

Whilst our studio can accommodate maternity and baby pics many parents find it easier for us to visit them. We can provide backdrops, screens and lighting where required and come to where you are most comfortable…

Maternity & Baby Photography in Ipswich Suffolk

The results can be a stunning reflection of nature’s greatest miracle…

Maternity & Baby Photography in Ipswich Suffolk

Contact us here at Imajim Photography to discuss how we can capture your precious life events…


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Focus On Imaging 2013

Over four days at Birmingham’s NEC (3, 4, 5 & 6 March) Focus On Imaging brings the world of pro photography to all.


It’s £8 pre registered or £10 on the day – should be fun!


Details here:


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