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Product Photography Ipswich Suffolk – The Bed Factory chooses Imajim

Product Photography Ipswich Suffolk

It is with great delight that we can anounce Imajim Photography have been given the product photography Ipswich contract for The Bed Factory of Ipswich, Suffolk.


Deriving from one of Ipswich’s oldest established family businesses (Barnes of Ipswich Ltd ) Product Photography IpswichThe Bed Factory has grown in it’s own right carrying on the ethos of the original company. This comprises of total customer service and the constant offering of quality products at sensible prices 12 months of the year. The company prides itself on not entering the so called 50% regime where prices are totally without foundation, also the majority of cases supply and deliver exactly the same product at a cheaper price than the so called superstore half price offering. The service element comes from committing to large stocks even buying in container loads for the best price but more importantly when you purchase a product it will usually be delivered from stock on the day you were promised at time of ordering.

Managing Director Peter Barnes said,”We are having a complete revamp of our web sites and we need our products to really stand out. Working with our advertising people RB Media Agency, Imajim Photography is the company I trust to have our range looking exactly how we want it.”

James Hazell of Imajim Photography remarked, “I have known Peter for a number of years and I am delighted that, as a local company, we have been asked to provide product photography to another local company – and  one with such a long and fine tradition.”

The new product images will begin to appear from July 2013.


Imajim Photography

The Bed Factory

RB Media Agency


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Maternity & Baby Photography in Ipswich, Suffolk

Baby Photography – Ipswich, Suffolk – There is simply nothing like a new life


Very few events in life can be described as truly life changing. A new baby however, is certainly one of them.

As a father of four I am often asked how having children changed me. I actually struggle to answer this. I don’t really know how it changed me – I only know that it did.  What I do know is that no-one is prepared. Yes you can have all the latest mod-cons, the warmers, the expressors, the alarms and bells and whistles – but your head is never truly prepared. The great thing is, you are not alone – and you adjust amazingly quickly.

What you are never prepared for is how fast time goes. I mean seriously, it flies. That’s why baby photos and baby photography are so important. As a young father I broke the bank to buy a camcorder. This was back in the day when they were stupid amounts of money for very little quality. I also had – and still have – an old Canon AE1 35mm which depended on a visit to the chemist before you could see the shots – several weeks after you took them. Imagine that. Now though, I can look back with a joy and pride that only mums & dads feel to a time when they hadn’t grown up.

And that time will pass you by in a flash.

Being a father does not make you a better photographer. What it does do however is provide you with the same sense of how important a picture as the proud parents –  How important it is to capture the expressions, the smiles, the subtle nuances of a new baby.

And it starts way before labour!

Maternity & Baby Photography in Ipswich Suffolk

With my daughter in law I wanted to create a time-line of the pregnancy – to capture the physical changes little Charlie would create. This would involve a series of identical photos over a series of months. The resulting image captures the miracle of new life…

Maternity & Baby Photography in Ipswich Suffolk
And let’s not forget Dad…

Maternity & Baby Photography in Ipswich Suffolk

Whilst our studio can accommodate maternity and baby pics many parents find it easier for us to visit them. We can provide backdrops, screens and lighting where required and come to where you are most comfortable…

Maternity & Baby Photography in Ipswich Suffolk

The results can be a stunning reflection of nature’s greatest miracle…

Maternity & Baby Photography in Ipswich Suffolk

Contact us here at Imajim Photography to discuss how we can capture your precious life events…


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Holi – Festival of Colour – Ipswich

Holi is the Hindu festival that welcomes the spring and celebrates the new life and energy of the season. Holi is called “The Festival of Colours” and people celebrate the festival by covering each other with brightly coloured paints, throwing coloured powder and dye in a celebration of the spring season. The event, with support from Ipswich Borough Council, is being organised by the same team that brings the popular Indian Summer Mela to Ipswich each year.

It is not often a photographer does not learn soming, however small, from a shoot – and today was no exception.

A while ago I purchased a rain cover for the camera kit. It’s an inexpensive plastic affair which endeavours to keep rain, sleet, snow etc away from your highly priced cameras and lenses.

It also works for paint.

Well I am sure it would have done – had I not forgotten it.

So today’s lesson:
Paint and cameras do not mix.
Paint and lenses do not mix.
Cameras, lenses and stupidity… do not mix.

All in all a very interesting afternoon with some early summer sun and the beginnings at least of a great fun yearly festival.


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