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Pin Mill Suffolk in Pictures

Pin Mill in Suffolk is a hamlet on the south bank of the tidal River Orwell, located on the outskirts of the village of Chelmondiston on the Shotley peninsula, south Suffolk. It lies within the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is a designated Conservation Area. Pin Mill is now generally known for the historic Butt & Oyster public house and for sailing.

The origins of the ‘Pin’ in Pin Mill are uncertain, but may be derived from IMG_0497‘pynd’ (meaning pen or pond), the production of round wooden pins for ships, or attributed to a mill owner by the name of Pynne.

Pin Mill was once a busy landing point for ship-borne cargo, a centre for the repair of Thames sailing barges and home to many small industries such as sail making, a maltings (now a workshop) and a brickyard. The east coast has a long history of smuggling, in which Pin Mill and the Butt and Oyster pub allegedly played key parts.

During World War II Pin Mill was home to Royal Navy Motor Launches and to a degaussing vessel created from a herring drifter. Pin Mill and Woolverstone were home ports to many Landing Craft Tanks used in the invasion of Normandy in 1944.

Approximately 25 houseboats are occupied year round along the foreshore to the east of the Butt and Oyster pub, an alternative lifestyle which lends a bohemian charm to the settlement. Since 2004 Babergh has been working with the houseboat owners, Chelmondiston Parish Council and other groups to grant planning permission for the houseboats and remove wrecked boats. There have also been recent improvements in the sailing infrastructure, and responsibility for the Hard at Pin Mill has been handed over to a new ‘community interest’ company.

Pin Mill SuffolkPin Mill has often been the subject of painting and photography, and is a popular yacht and dinghy sailing destination. During WWII many yachts were placed for storage west of the hamlet in what were then called ‘the saltings,’ awaiting the cessation of hostilities. The moorings in the river were home to the Royal Harwich One Design Class boats for many years in the 1940s.

A feature film about sailing, “Ha’penny Breeze,” was filmed here in 1950, featuring the Welsh actress Gwyneth Vaughan. There is a boatyard, and the Pin Mill Sailing Club has hosted an annual Barge Match since 1962.

The Grindle is a small stream that flows alongside Pin Mill Common down to the Pin Mill Hard on the foreshore. It is used by dinghies to ferry sailors ashore.

The Butt and Oyster is a traditional 17th century public house that serves real ale.  It is a listed building with bay windows in the bar and restaurant that offer panoramic views of the Orwell estuary.

Pin Mill lies along the Stour and Orwell walk. There many signposted walks in the immediate area, including through the Cliff Plantation forest owned by the National Trust. Pin Mill can be reached at the end of a lane half a mile from the centre of Chelmondiston, which is serviced by the B1456 Ipswich-Shotley road. There is a public car park near the foreshore, and also limited customer parking in the Butt and Oyster pub.

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Pin Mill Suffolk Gallery…




Suffolk Coast Business Exhibition 2014

Economic recovery well underway in Suffolk…

Imajim Photography At Business Event

April saw the yearly gathering of Suffolk Coast businesses at an exhibition designed as an economic showcase for this part of the world… The Suffolk Coast Business Exhibition 2014.

The event took place at the wonderful Framlingham College where over 60 exhibiters assembled for a day of promotion, discussion and flag waving. Hundreds attended and duly witnessed the best of East Suffolk business, set amongst stunning views of the ‘the greenest county’.

Suffolk Coast Business Exhibition

Organisers of the Suffolk Coast Business Exhibition

The event is hosted by the Heritage Coast Market Towns Initiative and this is the second year of the exhibition. Next year it proposed that the event move to the much larger Snape Maltings, such is its growing popularity.

The last 5 years have not been kind to small to medium business (SMEs) but the atmosphere within the event was a very one. Many talked of the corner being turned, the lights going green and – dare we say – the green shoots of recovery.

SMEs are the backbone of the country and a sustained recovery is down to them flourishing. Yes there much still to be done but here in the coastal areas of Suffolk that work is bearing fruit.


Listen to a number of exhibitors talking about the future of business: Andy Smith, Carl Page, Miles Varton and organiser Annette Mason Gordon:

For more details of the HCMTI and the next event visit them here:

Cue the gallery…



Southwold In March

Southwold Suffolk – Another East Anglian Gem

Everybody has heard of Southwold. It maybe due to Adnams Brewery, the Lighthouse or the pier but either way, we know it.

And yet, the population is a mere 800 people.

I have done discos with more people than that! But this is no sweaty late night jig, it is another fine example of East Anglian life.

SouthwoldFor a town – or village – to have less than a thousand residents yet still sport the array of delights that Southwold offers is remarkable. Aside from the above mentioned treats, there is a cinema, a narrow gauge railway, a museum – and did I mention the brewery? Like much of Suffolk it appears in the Doomsday Book as a fishing port. Today it focuses on the tourist trade – and beer.

It may appear to have more than it’s fair share of commons. This is due to the fire that ravaged the town in 1659 – parts of the town were never rebuilt affording it some wonderful greenery. The striking lighthouse is still operational. For a mere 150watt bulb is has a range of 28 miles – and can be toured by appointment.

The pier is wonderful. A charming reminder of 19th century England retained in its 1900 design. Having suffered German attack and North Sea gales the current size is 620ft. Upon this loveliness you can fish, drink cream teas and get married. A wonderful plaque of thanks exists on the North side of the pier with many a travelling name engraved for posterity.

…And I could stare at the Waterclock for hours.

A brief glimpse of early spring sunshine and Southwold is the place to be…



EACH Twilight Walk 2013

EACH Twilight Walk 2013

Once again I am out with the camera to capture the magic of a charity walk.

Tonight it’s the East Anglia’s Childen’s Hospices Twilight Walk. I am quite excited because in my other role in life as a broadcaster, this was my idea. Whilst raising money for the Treehouse Appeal, I suggested an evening sponsored walk and it has really taken off!

“The EACH Twilight Walk around the streets of East Ipswich and including a visit to the Treehouse Hospice will take place again in October 2013.

The popular 3 mile sponsored family walk will this year have the theme of the Wizard of Oz with the woodland garden at the Treehouse turned into a fantastic Emerald City!

A magical experience for children of all ages (all walkers must be accompanied by an adult, so they’re allowed too!)”

I spoke with Hannah Bloom of EACH about the walk…


I can reveal that sponsorship so far has exceeded £25,000 – a wonderful effort by the good people of Suffolk for this incredibly worthwhile cause.

Here are the photos of the evening…


To find out more about the work of the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices please visit their website.


Portrait Photography Ipswich Suffolk

Portrait Photography Ipswich Suffolk

Portrait Photography can be one of the most rewarding aspects of being a photographer.

Let’s think about what is being asked of a photographer.  To make the client look as good as they possibly can.  To make the client look better than they think they look and ultimately to make the client feel good about themselves.Portrait Photography Ipswich Suffolk

So when it all comes together and the client is delighted with the result the reward to the photographer is obvious.  Not only do they have a happy client but it’s just possible they have made a person actually feel better about themselves.

More often than not this requires more than a camera, lens and some nice lighting – and this leads us to the argument about airbrushing.  It is interesting to note that airbrushing is generally frowned upon by the general public.  When, however, I consult with my clients about the level of airbrushing they would like the most popular answer is “as much as you can possibly get away with”.

It seems that we were once content with a nicely lit photo.  Then we wanted blemishes and lines taken care of.  Now the majority of portrait shots involve a varying degree of physical restyling which may include subtle alterations to jaw line, eye size and face shape etc.

I am of course perfectly happy to generate totally natural images when clients request it but I am equally quite at home performing the alterations that many clients desire.  This is largely because I believe professional photography to be a two stage business comprising two entirely different disciplines.  Taking a good photo is one, competent post production is the other.

As a society we have become completely used to images being altered – So much so that we enjoy similar alterations to our own images.  The methodology and skills involved in this have become a separate art form.  Whether right or wrong we are living in a Photoshop’d world and in the right hands ‘airbrushing’ allows us to ordinary folk to compete with those beautiful people that pop out of glossy mags.

Take Jessica. She was after head shots that stand out and wanted us to push the airbrush limit. Whilst the original is a perfectly acceptable image we were able to use her existing assets to take her head shots ‘to the next level’.

Portrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich Suffolk

Professional head-shots for business have become a must these days. Companies use them for web sites, promotional material and business cards – without doubt they add professionalism and style to an organisation. It is difficult to imagine a professional company not having professional imagery!

Portrait Photography Ipswich Suffolk


Portrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkWith general photography being a two stage business, portrait photography is three stage.  The third being a ‘relationship with the client’.  Very few people actually enjoy having their photo taken.  They find it intrusive and intimidating and not without good reason.

I see the role of the photographer as someone who has to remove the lens, the lights, the intimidation and turn the session into a light-hearted, relaxing and fun occasion that will ultimately bring the best out of the client and the results you both want.

The young man to the left was so comfortable in our company he was happy to share his lunch with his uncle and us!

At Imajim Photography ‘we’ create the images.  The client and us as a team.  We discuss, we shoot, we view, we shoot again, we view, we choose and so on.  And there’s every chance we will have a laugh while we’re doing it!


“James took some head shots of me and I was incredibly impressed with how comfortable and relaxed he made me feel which came through in the quality of the shots. When I needed more shots taken for the company website etc I didn’t hesitate to contact James, my business partner and I had a fantastic time and were delighted with the end result.”
– Cara Miller, Miller Wash Associates

“Imajim Photography are a superb, professional company. Having had numerous shoots with James he has never failed to produce outstanding photo’s. Equally his manner and the way he made me feel so comfortable is a priceless atribute.
– Nikki Daldry, RB Media Agency

“I visted Imajim Photography with my partner to have a photo shoot with a bit of humour to it as a lot of photography sessions are overtly serious! The shoot was full of fun but was entirely professional. We had a brilliant day and were absolutely delighted with the result. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a profesional but more natural photo shoot!”
Rae Edwards, Pretty Nostalgic


Watch the Imajim Photography Portrait Photography video

Contact us for details of our studio and portable portrait photography sessions.

Our Portrait Photography Gallery:

Portrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich Suffolk2012-04-30--12-12-19_EOS7D_2448p.jpgPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich SuffolkPortrait Photography Ipswich Suffolk

Portrait Photography Ipswich Suffolk

New World Record – Ipswich Fairies

Ipswich Fairies Break World Record!

I am not entirely sure what a collection of fairies is actually called. A frollick? A flutter?Ipswich Fairies

What I do know is that up until today the world record for a collection of fairies was 768. Not any more. If there is one thing that should make the good folk of Ipswich very proud – they now hold the world record for a frollick of fairies. 820.

The whole purpose of the event, held on the Cornhill in Ipswich, was to raise money for the Woolverston Wish Appeal. The appeal is aiming to raise £800,000 to refurbish the chemotherapy outpatient clinics and day-unit in the Woolverstone Wing of Ipswich Hospital and currently has £460,000.

Other commitments meant that we were not able to capture the height of the event but we were at least able to capture a flavor of Ipswich in the sun, full of fairies…


RAF Fly Past – Queen’s Birthday – Suffolk

RAF Fly Past Over Suffolk

It is without question one of the great things about living in Suffolk. The Queen’s birthday RAF Fly Past comes right over us. Well most of it anyway.

RAF Fly Past Red Arrows

RAF Fly Past Red Arrows

The planes tend to rendezvous over the coast near Southwold then use the A12 as a guide to take them straight to the palace.

This year as in the last few, we have seen a reduced number of aircraft since the heady days of 2008 when the amount of planes in the parade peaked.

Sadly we didn’t get to the see the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight aircraft. The Lancaster takes a different route and the wind speed was too high for the Spitfire and Hurricane.

The list of aircraft shows the full extent of the parade;

RAF Fly Past

It was interesting that the Red Arrows were way behind the other aircraft, presumably because they fly considerably faster than the rest of the parade! We did get a sneaky smoke trail check – a process of squirting diesel into the exhausts apparently.

Always nice to see the Queen’s RAF Fly Past parade before she does. Yes it gets smaller every year, but a marvelous sight to behold…



The ceremony itself – Trooping The Colour – is steeped in history;

Since 1748, this parade has also marked the Sovereign’s official birthday. From the reign of Edward VII onwards, the Sovereign has taken the salute in person at Trooping the Colour.

During the ceremony, The Queen is greeted by a Royal salute and carries out an inspection of the troops.

After the massed bands have performed a musical ‘troop’, the escorted Regimental Colour is carried down the ranks.

The Foot Guards and the Household Cavalry then march past Her Majesty, and The King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, rank past.

The Queen rides in a carriage back to Buckingham Palace at the head of her Guards, before taking the salute at the Palace from a dais. The troops then return to barracks.

Her Majesty then joins other members of the Royal Family on the palace balcony for a fly-past by the Royal Air Force.

The Queen has attended Trooping the Colour every year of her reign, except in 1955 when a national rail strike cancelled the event.

Read more here


Euston Rural Pastimes Country Show, Suffolk – 2013

Euston Rural Pastimes Country Show – A look at life then.. and now.

We are off to the west of Suffolk – The Euston Rural Pastimes Country Show, between Bury St Edmunds and Thetford.

Euston Rural Pastimes Event

I was immediately struck by the queues to get in – this was obviously a well attended and popular event. Once again the weather wasn’t particularly favourable with low cloud and a slight breeze in the air but this didn’t deter the thousands who arrived.

Steam engines, vintage cars & motorcycles, ring displays from many including the excellent ‘The Devil’s Horseman’ cossacks and even an appearance from Pike, Frazer and Cpt Mainwairing from the nearby Dad’s Army museum!

A refreshingly community based event which manages to avoid the heavy commercialism of bigger shows, the day was a joy to witness.

This is the heart of rural life. This it what it was, is – and will continue to be for many years to come.

From the website:

Euston Rural Pastimes Country Show has now been held every June for 20 years. It began as a fundraising show for our local Blackbourne Churches and St Nicholas’ Hospice Care with the kind permission of our President The Duke of Grafton, who allowed the event to be held in the magnificent setting of Euston Park.

Together with John Farrow (the farm manager at that time) and Tim Fogden we set up a volunteer committee, which has continued to run this successful one day Show.  We have raised over £370,000 for our causes over the years.

The programme has been broadly similar each year, but with increasing entries the demand for space has required more parking and display areas. A new entrance between the stationary engines and stalls, leads past the traction engines to the new Grafton Ring specifically for tractors.

The main Norfolk Ring has a constant programme of events, displays, demonstrations and parades.It is surrounded by band music, a busy tea tent and further  stalls. Leading past the Craft Tent, the Suffolk Ring is home to a large display of Heavy Horses. Nearby is the start of the hugely popular Farm Rides.  It has also been associated with a magnificent display of flowers in Euston Church. There are several catering outlets, but the most popular are the excellent lunches served in the Hall kitchen.

We will very much keep to the same format and hope we will continue to attract the numbers, which filled the car park completely last year.

Here is our record of Euston Rural Pastimes Country Show 2013




Product Photography Ipswich Suffolk – The Bed Factory chooses Imajim

Product Photography Ipswich Suffolk

It is with great delight that we can anounce Imajim Photography have been given the product photography Ipswich contract for The Bed Factory of Ipswich, Suffolk.


Deriving from one of Ipswich’s oldest established family businesses (Barnes of Ipswich Ltd ) Product Photography IpswichThe Bed Factory has grown in it’s own right carrying on the ethos of the original company. This comprises of total customer service and the constant offering of quality products at sensible prices 12 months of the year. The company prides itself on not entering the so called 50% regime where prices are totally without foundation, also the majority of cases supply and deliver exactly the same product at a cheaper price than the so called superstore half price offering. The service element comes from committing to large stocks even buying in container loads for the best price but more importantly when you purchase a product it will usually be delivered from stock on the day you were promised at time of ordering.

Managing Director Peter Barnes said,”We are having a complete revamp of our web sites and we need our products to really stand out. Working with our advertising people RB Media Agency, Imajim Photography is the company I trust to have our range looking exactly how we want it.”

James Hazell of Imajim Photography remarked, “I have known Peter for a number of years and I am delighted that, as a local company, we have been asked to provide product photography to another local company – and  one with such a long and fine tradition.”

The new product images will begin to appear from July 2013.


Imajim Photography

The Bed Factory

RB Media Agency


Property Videos in Ipswich, Suffolk… And More!

House Selling Ipswich, Suffolk & Beyond… Made Easier


Such has been the demand for Property Videos lately, we have given the operation its own area!


Property Videos

Introducing Video My House – Property Videos

Utilising imagery to assist in the marketing of property is certainly not new. Mostly this consists of several photos, usually taken by an estate agent, giving the potential buyer a small glimpse of their next home.

This I have always found very odd. When we decide to sell a house we are asking people to part with hundreds of thousands of pounds. We are asking them to make one of the biggest purchases they will ever make. Surely this calls for more than a few ill-shot photos?

Those with foresight have realised… Yes, it does. Much more.

There was a time when one would pop into the estate agents, point at some houses, grab a few sheets of ‘bumf’ and decipher the spiel. Then it was the arduous task of visiting the property. This would involve appointments, time off work, wasted lunch hours and mile upon mile of driving only to discover that the aforementioned bumf was somewhat economical with the truth.

Then came the internet.

Potential buyers can now roam the virtual streets to their heart’s content, browsing thousands of properties,Property Videos seeking out that dream home. And that gives Mr & Mrs ‘Mobile Phone Photo Of The Garden’ a bit of a problem. We want to look around from the comfort of our laptops – and I mean really look around. We are much more comfortable this way. We can wander about, make comments, question the decor,  all without the company and the inevitable frown of the property owner. But we haven’t got all day. If we are going to even consider investing ten minutes on one single property, it had better be worth it. It has to grab us right from the off.

Video My House steps up to become your one stop shop for property sale imagery. 

  • Videos
  • Panoramas
  • Traditional Photos
  • Elevated Photos
  • Floor Plans

Let us start with video. Our professionally produced, high-definition property videos are around 3 minutes long. At 25 frames per second that’s around 4,500 photos! You will want to show the property off in its best light and that means capturing features, size and the atmosphere of the home. They say the camera never lies. That in itself is a lie, it does. You will know if you have ever taken a photo of a, for instance, newly decorated room – you can’t get it all in! This is why we employ specialist equipment and skills to give the property its due space and ‘air’. Suitable music is added and options such as voice overs and captions can be deployed to really lift a property off the bumf page.

The video on the left is a demo property, the one on the right is a rental property. After submitting the video the property was let within 6 days!

Panoramas or 3D tours are a relatively new concept and are in much demand. They put the viewer in the room and allow them to look around to their heart’s content using their mouse. Such is the realism of the process a sense that one is actually in the room is greatly appreciated by the viewer. They are created with a crafted camera technique and specialist software.

Here is an example of our panoramas using our demo property…


Elevated Photography is another latter day concept that is especially favoured by estate agents. There is something incredibly alluring about a bird’s eye image of a property and they offer the viewer a unique view of their potential home. They are achieved using a specialist mobile mast of around 15 metres, around 50 feet, in height. The camera direction and functions are controlled remotely as it beams its images to the operator below. This level of control allows us to create stunning shots that set the property off.

Property Videos in Ipswich Suffolk

The old favourite, Photos,  returns us nicely to the more traditional method of property marketing. Again though, various skills and equipment are required to produce images that show the property off in the best possible way. Lenses, lighting, post-production etc all play a part in reflecting the professional way you are marketing a property.

remember, the quality of presentation when marketing a property reflects on the property – AND the seller. In an ever discerning market you’ll want to show that you are professional, trustworthy vendors – and that starts with your marketing quality.

Pop across to our sister website at Video My House and discover for yourself how cost-effective professional property marketing can be.


Property Videos in Ipswich Suffolk