Photographic Services Tailored To You…

Imajim Photography offer a wide range of photographic, video and digital services that provide you with a total imaging solution.


Our portrait and family photography can take place at our studio in Ipswich or we can come to you – complete with lighting and backdrops.  There are benefits to both scenarios. Often a young family with a baby will feel Mother & Babymore comfortable in their own surroundings and this provides for a more relaxed shoot. Business clients appreciate the speed that is offered by a fully operational studio where many of the lighting parameters and backdrops are already in place.

We can also create a ‘halfway house’, where a business sets a day to photograph multiple staff members. We are able to create a mini studio at their business premises and this helps to speed up the process of getting the perfect picture.

The way we work allows for the more natural shots to occur. There is no ‘say cheese’ while you are perched on a stool! We endeavour to understand what a client hopes to reflect with a portrait and work to that goal. We understand that it takes time to achieve the shot you want and will pursue that desired image until you are happy.

 We can also create very special and personal images that you will want to keep and display…Preqnancy Time Line


Business ‘Head Shots’ are used by many professional companies for web sites, business cards and promotional material. They serve as an IMG_2288p (Large)introduction to your company and offer a method to bring familiarity between your staff and your clients. Companies will sometimes make use of ‘stock images’ to present their company to the world. Many potential clients can spot these and view them as false and cheap.

If you lie about your staff, what else do you lie about?!

An investment in quality, professional images of both of your staff and your business sets a tone appreciated by a potential client who wants know that honesty and trust are paramount in your business relationships.

Where a business asset needs to be shown off, we are able to come to you and deliver the quality of photo that impresses clients and IMG_2899 (Large)potential buyers alike. Often this will involve exterior shoots and range from buildings to vehicles to the latest equipment. We are able to provide mobile lightning, screens and post production expertise to ensure your assets look their absolute best.

As more and more of us look to on-line offerings when we search for a business or service, we also expose ourselves to the much discussed perils of the internet. Anything that your business can do to offer reassurance and trust is a valuable addition to your promotional material.


When it comes to your products, a whole different range of skills are required. Product shots are in many cases the shop window or front  door of your business. The quality of the image can do as much harm as good if the shot is poor. Blue Tooth HeadsetNever is this more apparent that on web sites like Ebay. It is no secret that sale values for items with good imagery are on average significantly higher than those with a poor picture.

Almost all companies are aware of this and ensure that they do not skimp on product photography. You will notice this in many of the catalogues that companies distribute. Whilst the photography and post production skills are quite different to most photography, they are catered for by Imajim Photography, who have the equipment and expertise to set your products off and grab attention.



Capturing the atmosphere and excitement of an event or festivity is a fantastic way for organisations to further promote their activities. Event photographs have the advantage of being ‘newsy’ are as such likely to feature extremely well in search engines. When properly created they entice the viewer to ‘beIMG_3732 (Large) part of’ something – to get involved and sample the festivities for themselves.

Event Facilitators use this imagery to show the public how great a function will be and why they must not miss the next one! Again the photographic skills required in this area differ from the traditional. Natural, high quality and well produced shots are achieved through a process we call passive photography. This allows us to show the reality and not the fake or posed image that many find off-putting and not trustworthy.



We are not wedding photographers. At least not in the traditional sense. If you require the standard wedding poses there are many wedding special05 (Large)photographers who will provide a fine service. We are however, often asked to attend weddings to record the ‘natural occurrences’ of the occasion. This enables us to capture the flavour and atmosphere of the day – and often a bride will prefer a natural shot to a forced smile in front of a large flash gun!

With our eye for the natural we are able to compliment a wedding day photo set with those lovely shots of the happy couple, the guests and the children just being themselves. Often this is where the emotion of the day, the joy of the occasion and the atmosphere of your wedding can truly be recorded and lovingly reflected upon for ever more.



Such is the complexity and diversity of property promotion, we have decided to create a IMG_3135 (Large)completely separate are of business for house sales.

We are able to offer not only highly professional property photography but also video, panoramics, 3D tours, elevated shots and floor plans.

Video My House is our latest business activity designed specifically to assist both private sellers and estate agencies promote houses and flats. Please hop over to our specialist web site for property imagery here.


We at Imajim Photography can provide ‘images to order’. This can be literally anything that our clients require a photo of. From nature Dawn Raid 06scenes to buildings, from wide shots to close up macros. Often these will be magazine covers and content, web site graphics or back drop images.

Whatever you need an image of, you can be sure that the same attention to detail and skilled post production techniques will feature in your shots as it does throughout our entire photography range. 


Media Services

For additional media services including video, animation and audio production please visit the Merlin Media website.