Douglas Bader, A Suffolk(ish) Legend!

The Martlesham Heath Control Tower Museum – A History Lesson

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

With great delight I was happy to recently supply photography services to a wonderful publication called Pretty Nostalgic. Especially when I found out the assignment. We were to visit the Martlesham Heath Air Tower Museum and find out all we could about the legendary ace Douglas Bader.

10677489_520484650815_54167904_oWe were greeted by a number of elderly enthusiasts of the museum – all fascinating characters in themselves – who proudly imparted knowledge of the incredible artefacts on display. It is not until you see a Spitfire’s ‘FIRE’ button up close that you appreciate what it did. It protected our way of life, it fought against all the odds and it was pushed by the bravest young men of many a generation. It also killed. This is a fact all too apparent with those who lovingly care for the museum.

This is not a celebration, this is a reminder. And a brutal one.

If you are able to visit the museum please do. If you wish to know more read the brilliant article produced by Pretty Nostalgic – and you will see why this magazine has a growing appeal.

As I left I worried. Those who maintain the museum at the moment have a vested interest. They were there, they saw what happened, they lived through it. Time will one day allow these folk a richly deserved rest.

Who will keep our history alive when it does?



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