BBC Suffolk Breakfast Team Photoshoot


BBC Suffolk Breakfast

The faces behind the voices – that wake Suffolk up…


How often do you listen to the radio and in your mind conjure up an image of what the presenter looks like?

Quite often we are way off so it fell to us to put that right – at least where BBC Radio Suffolk and their breakfast team are concerned. Regularly attracting an audience approaching 100,000, the Breakfast Show itself is a combination of local and national news, sport, travel, Suffolk in depth, chat and fun.

Impossible to capture that in a few photos but a chance to show the human side of the often faceless radio people that get us out of bed and off to work…BBC Suffolk Breakfast Team

Etholle George – Presenter

Cleah Hetherington – Producer

Kelly McCormack – News

Sarah Lilley – Travel

Isaac Chenery – Broadcast Assistant

Listen live here


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