Rougham Hall, Bury St Edmunds – Derelict Buidlings

The first bank holiday in 2013 where it wasn’t freezing cold – although it was close – and a trip to neighbouring Bury St Edmunds. Rougham is on the A14 just to the east of Bury and we set out to find the old hall. With the help of Google maps and some lengthy walking we finally stumbled upon this unique piece of history…

Rougham Hall was built and owned by the Bennet family from 1596 – 1889. The last inhabitants were the Agnew family, until the house was bombed during WW2 by a 2000lb bomb and suffered extensive damage; the family still own the estate and its neighbouring airfield.

In the distance the thud of shotgun, the rustle of fleeing pheasant and a sence that civilisation was no too far away. We crept in, we shot, we left. Above all we showed respect for the land and the building. I genuinely do not know if we were falling foul of any rules – the public footpath runs pretty close and the hall is not difficult to see. However the site is very unsafe so I must advise that going there it is not recommended!

Enjoy what was once a beautiful piece of England…



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